Jack | Political Campaign

Personal Branding Session | In Studio

The first part of Jack's personal branding session was focused on capturing headshots that could be used for their various marketing pieces, both digital and print. As anything other than a typical politician, we focused on capturing more casual portraits of Jack that were warm and welcoming but also showed off that big smile they are known for. By using the blank backdrop of the studio, the headshots could easily stand on their own or be used as cutouts.

Personal Branding Session | Downtown Holly Springs

The second half of Jack's personal branding session was focused on capturing them in downtown Holly Springs. We chose multiple locations on how we could use them as a background to serve Jack's messaging. The iconic mural at The Block on Main would be used to say "Hello!" for introductory posts, while other images could be used to talk about the pillars of their campaign, including sidewalk connectivity, bike lanes, expanded transit options, and growth impact on small businesses.

But wait...there is more!

A combination of the right messaging and powerful brand imagery can elevate your business forward and get you seen by your ideal clients.


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