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“Amber caught the vision for the project. She captured the joy of the experience in candid photos...AFSP exceeded our expectations!”

“It takes a true professional to capture the energy and loving smile of a child. It also takes a special photographer to get a special needs child to cooperate. Amber Foster Smith Photography can do both. Amber took the time to put my child at ease, let him have fun and the results showed in his beautiful portrait.  For a kid who doesn't like to look at a camera or have his picture taken, Amber far exceeded my expectations.”

“Sydney was so excited to get her pictures taken at school and I'm very glad that the experience lived up to her dreams. The shots we got far exceeded my expectations! She was enjoying herself and was comfortable with what was going on. I only wish that there were even more pictures!”

“These pictures of Strider are absolutely wonderful. You captured his personality 100%. My husband and I looked through each photo and said, " This is so Strider", “This one is so him too". School photo sessions can become highly stressful and he can shut down. Not the case here. These are probably the most natural photos ever taken of him.”

“My son is not the most enthusiastic picture taker. As a very active 4-year old, he's hesitant to sit still and focus on the camera. When I received the proofs back from Amber, I literally cried. She was able to beautifully capture a range of his lovable and fun personality. I couldn't decide on my favorite photo and had to have them all! I'm so grateful for such an authentic keepsake of who our little guy is!”

“The studio is a great space and Amber made sure I got the shot I wanted. I have had really great feedback on the final photo. She didn't rush me and she made me feel as comfortable as I could with a camera in my face. She did really great.”

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