Bếp Vietnamese Kitchen

Bếp Vietnamese Kitchen is a locally owned restaurant that offers a vibrant dining ambiance, serving authentic Vietnamese Street Delights from iconic Phở selections, crusty Bánh Mì, and an enormous selection of Boba Tea.

Session | Beginning Branding

When starting a new business, it's hard to know just exactly how your target clients will connect with your offerings. A Beginning Branding Session is a perfect opportunity to capture a variety of general images of the space, clients, and products. For Bếp, our goal was to capture images showcasing their signature Boba Tea bar, as well as a sneak peek into the kitchen, as each of their dishes is crafted from the owner's family recipes. We also captured images for the launch of a campaign for a Phở Challenge, where guests were presented with one extra-large bowl Phở and faced with a time limit to finish it to the last drop.

A few months after opening, I love to revisit businesses for a secondary Branding Session where we can focus on more key elements of the customer experience and what elements of the products or services they offer that their clients love and want to share more about. Each time we partner for a new session, we are able to hone in more and more on what images resonate with their audience and where gaps exist with a need for specific images.

But wait...there is more!

A combination of the right messaging and powerful brand imagery can elevate your business forward and get you seen by your ideal clients.


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