Jessica : Rand-Bryan House Bridal Portraits

In some families having that iconic bridal portrait carefully framed and hung in their homes is a must have for Moms.  Scheduling bridal portraits before the big day allows for plenty of time to capture every last detail of a stunning bride in her breathtaking gown without the rush of a wedding day timeline.  Jessica, just like many brides, was a bit apprehensive at first at the idea of bridal portraits but then I shared with her one of my favorite reasons to schedule a bridal session.  Pampering and preparation!  The day of a session brides-to-be are able to pamper themselves by going and getting their hair, nails and make up done but more than anything they can use the day as a dry run for their wedding day.  After seeing their hair and make up in portraits they can rest easy knowing they will look amazing!  It also allows for a bit of extra time breaking in their shoes and making sure all of the alterations done to their dress are perfect.  The beautiful windows inside the Rand Bryan House and the large fields outside made for a perfect backdrop to Jessica and David’s wedding as well as her bridal session.  I was honored to create beautiful bridal portraits for Jessica and her family to cherish!

JP_1 JP_2


JP_3 JP_4 JP_5 JP_6

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