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Wedding Day

After months and months of planning your wedding day is finally here!  There have most likely been many sleepless nights making sure every last detail is attended too.  We know how you feel, we've been there.  Since our wedding day we have helped so many Brides plan their perfect day so that they don't have even the smallest worry.  Take a breath.  We are here for you and we will take care of everything.

Several months before your wedding day we will start finalizing all of the last details of your wedding day.  If you have a wedding coordinator (You should!  They are worth their weight in gold!) we will work closely with them as well.  If not, it is okay.  We've got you!

We start off by sending you a few simple and short surveys.  The first covers all of the details of your day as well as your vendors.  We will use everything you share with us to create a very detailed timeline of your wedding day.  We are big planners!    At the same time I've never seen a wedding day go exactly as planned.  That is where years of experience help us be flexible during the day to still keep everyone on schedule the best we can!  Did we mention we are small business owners and parents to crazy kids with a busier schedule than us?  Yeah multitasking and expecting the unexpected is what we live for!

We also want to make sure that we prioritize every minute of our time during your wedding day.  This is why we ask you what images are most important to you.  That also means organizing family formals.  Yes, it can seem like an overwhelming task!  No worries, you let us know any specific family combinations you would like and we will organize your list to be as efficient as possible.  That means Gram and Gramps are only on their feet for a few minutes and we are still finished up with plenty of time for you to enjoy cocktail hour!

With plenty of planning combined with knowing what is most important to you, you can rest assured we got you covered on the most important day of your life!